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I always feel like I should make a more professional-sounding e-mail address, but then I realize that almost everyone already knows this one, I get all of my newsletters sent to it, and I'm only 19 and I don't need to be professional yet. So e-mail me if either you're important or you think I'm important.

AIM/AOL = Jesscc316

A shameless plug.
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First sign up and complete and offer (That's where you help me out). After that, get 5 people to sign up and complete offers, and they'll send you one as well.
If you don't want an IPod, please at least check out the offers. There are plenty of free trails that will cost you nothing as long as you call abouter 2-3 weeks and cancel. Or, there might be something you want and you'll be able to get it and help someone out.
You can't use a hotmail e-mail account for this. You'll never get the e-mails because hotmail will automatically delete it without even sending it to your Junk folder. I recommend a yahoo account. That's what I used.