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Just A Little Tense excerpt


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Just A Little Tense

     I fling open the medicine cabinet and about five prescription bottles fall out, landing in the sink. I pick up the one I need, leaving therest. I prefer to chew my medicine. Most people just swallow pills because of the taste, but I find it highly enjoyable. I swallow the once-chalky now-pasty mixture of saliva and Paroxetine HCl and wash it down by pressing my mouth against the faucet and gulping the water as it comes out. The rest of the pill bottles are soaked and one of the labels begins to flake off at a corner as I set the one bottle back in its place in the cabinet and shut the mirrored door. My reflection watches me turn off the water so I tell it to fuck off and go stare at something else. I snicker. Man, I love being me. Anway...

Copyright (c) 2002 Jessica Carroll