Make Me Sick



Is it so much to ask for a little respect? A little common courtesy? Youíre not perfect, nor do I expect you to be. Iíll never be perfect, neither will you. So shut up and listen. Learn something. Is it so much to ask? I think not. Cry and Whine. You make me sickÖ literally. I canít feel better. You smell. ďDonít pee on my leg and tell me itís raining.Ē Ė Judge Judy. Iím not falling for your shit anymore. You make me wheezy. Iím gonna pass out soon. Will they care? If I die in my chair? Will they go on with their lesson? If I puke on the floor will they look at it? Or will they just step around it? Will they step in it? And leave tracks all the way to their motherís white carpet? Will she sigh and blame the dog? Take him to the vet and pay all that money to find out nothing is wrong. Will she wonder? Will she care? Will she put him on a special diet? Will I tell her the truth? The vomit is mine. Made sick by the angels.

I wish they would die.

Copyright (c) 2002 Jessica Carroll. All rights reserved.

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