He Hurts Me… Laughs.



I gave him my heart and he paid it no mind.

There was a time I thought he cared.

In front of everyone,

He told me to sit on his lap.

He made a promise.

He kissed me,

And kissed me,

And kissed me...

Then everything changed.

I feel so uncomfortable about everything,

But I still really love him.

That promise is broken,

And everything's gone wrong.

Even though I tried to make him see,

He doesn't understand


   I                                     Don't

    Feel :(                              Ask


Tears Fall                               Just

You Don't Care.                          Die.

I Might As Well,

Not Be Here.


Kiss                             You

    Kiss                          are low.




Like A River                  You

My Tears Flow                 Make

Downstream                    Me

To                            Sick

The Hearts

Of those Who                                      I still

Feel Pain From Love                               love you.


What am I supposed

to do without you? Oh me.

You'll see. Can't go on.


Push me away like you always



Cover me like                    Ouch! Feelings Hurt!

a blanket and                                           You

suffocate me.                                           Are.

                          Coward.                       I

Sneak into                                              Am.

my house,                                               The

my heart                    It's hard                   End.

and kill                     To love

        me.                   Again


   Love is a

   slap in

   the face.

                                  Prom is depressing. I

                           Don't Want to think about it.


       You lie. I cry. Just die.


Makes me lie                                             I hurt

And                                                      Inside.

Makes me cry.                                            You laugh

                                                         And hide.

It hurts to

want to hold                             I was right

you.                                     there and

                                         you never

   Justify                               noticed me.



                          If you cared you would have

                          showed                  it.


Snow                              You                      Is

falls                             Want                     this

on me.                            Me                       love?

Making                            To                       Pain.

  my                              Cry.

heart                                                No

cold                  I see                    More Fond

as ice.               your true                Memories.



     are just                           Don't want to see your face.

     too                                            Hear your voice.

     painful.              Used                    Stroke your hair.

                         and                       Caress your skin.

Say                        confused.           Kiss your stale lips.


to my heart.

It is gone. Thanks to you.


Beaner Hates You.                                In my

Have a nice day. :)                              heart

                                                 I feel

Eat me alive and                                 hurt and

spit out my bones.                               b t a e .

                                                  e r y d

                        What a waste of time.


  You                                          Don't

  are                                   solicit or

    a                                   advertise on

jerk.                                    my answering



My words                                   Dammit.

In black and white.

Do they make you cry?


Someone hurt                                           wall is so high

 me bad and                                             no air can get

  he knows                                                in. You will

    who                                                    die slowly.

   he is.


You make me

completely miserable.


Copyright (c) 2002 Jessica Carroll. All rights reserved.

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