His Guilty Confession



Dear friend, my passion for you is a rose.

I miss you so much when Iím not with you.

I think of you when I wear pantyhose.

Te amo. Ich liebe dich. I love you.


I think of you when I wear mascara.

I love you, want you, and wish you were here.

To think of you I eat a banana;

As you can see, I think lots of you, dear.


For you I have a manly desire;

You would never expect this love from me.

When I see you my heart is on fire,

With you always is where I hope to be.


Oh, how I wish there was another way,

To let you know, my friend, that I am gay.


(*AN: This is a guy writing to another guy. *)

Copyright (c) 2002 Jessica Carroll. All rights reserved.

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