Chadwick Walker Strapp

It had to be the hottest day of the summer, but Chad was still wearing all black. The black electric tape from the night before was still wrapped around his wrists and up his arms. The girlfriend who had just left him was still on his mind. The idea of being single for the first time in four years still hadn't sunk in, but thinking about it both pleased and frightened him. He could look down the shirts of women while he was cashing them out without feeling guilty anymore, but he would still have to go home lonely every night. Her white Chevy Corsica with the maroon interior and the Slayer bumper sticker would no longer save him from these people and their soft rock music that all sounded the same. He had to walk the five blocks home every night to his empty three bedroom apartment and his twin bed with the wrinkled navy blue sheets. He could stretch out in bed without worrying about whacking anyone in the face and he still had his pillow to cuddle with when he needed comfort and affection - not that that pillow could be affectionate back, but it sure was comfortable.

He took the cash from a woman and dropped it in the drawer, absent-mindly closing it without giving her back the $3.67 in change. She noticed his mistake, before her even thought about needing to make change, and started ranting. He called a manager to open his drawer, all the while trying to ignore this obnoxious brunette wearing a turtleneck. The woman became frustrated and left before the manager came. His drawer would be $3.67 over at the end of the day and he would be written up. Sadly, he still had that long walk home.